Who let me become an adult?!

So, let me be honest. At 20 & some change (…ok, A LOT of change) I am not exactly where I thought I’d be in life. And you know what? I’m okay with that!  Well, maybe not completely okay with that, buttttttttttt  I’m learning it’s okay for life to steer you off course and directly into traffic…head on. No need to panic. It’s all a part of growth and development and finding my “forever” moments along the way. Lately I’ve been looking into different aspects of life and how I can grow internally as a person, woman, child of God, friend, lover, sister, etc.

I’m fully embracing what it means to be an adult and excited about growing and “adulting” (lol). So far so good  (if I must say so myself).

Along this journey, I want to include you ALL. Celebrate my HIGHS with me, see me survive my lows, and have fun with me through all the in between moments!

So again, WELCOME!

Welcome to this suburban girl’s journey of soul searching…

*refreshments are in the back* 🙂



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