Happy 2017! 




Can I get an AMEN?!

Long time, no blog…I know…but I’m back and I’m better *Bryson Tiller Voice*

So it’s no secret, 2016 was 0/4 stars for most people, but when I tell you God showed up and showed out for me…CHILE! Now, I won’t fake like last year didn’t have its hiccups and disappointments, butttttttttt we’re not living in Paradise so crappy moments are going to happen. The key to surviving those hellish moments is learning to adapt and trust His plans. I did just that and God not only provided for me in ways I have never been able to before on my own, but He allowed me to keep a sane mind and humble heart through it all. I was actually low key sad to see the year come to an end. However, the same excitement I felt for 2016, I had going into the New Year as the countdown began. I’m a firm believer of speaking your rewards and blessings and favor into existence so there was no other way I planned to spend January 1, 2017 than doing just that.

So…I did JUST THAT! I gathered some of my closest local girlfriends and co-hosted my first “VISION BOARD BRUNCH“!


I wanted the ladies to be just as excited for the new year as me so I went all out. I sent cute HobNob invites out in advance, collected magazines, printed Instagram quotes I loved, went to Michaels for enough craft materials for all of us, created a brunch menu (mimosas and sangria included of course), and bought each girlfriend a Balance Your Life Bracelet as a token of appreciation and what I hope to be a self reminder of balance for 2017.



Together we hugged, laughed, prayed, testified, ate, and last but not least…visualized our futures for 2017!

I encourage EACH of you to grab your girlfriends, your sisters, your coworkers, or even your boyfriend/husband and give it a try. The great Malcolm X said, “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” The first step to living the life you want is to profess it. Create your vision board and look at it day in and out; work hard towards getting everything you deserve on that board and then SOME. Peace and blessings and GOOD VIBES ONLY!

Happy Vision Boarding!





Voíla! 2017 Board


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