The Brown Mermaid (black girls swim too!)

Beach. Pool. name it. When the weather warms up and there is water around, I will be there!  And as soon as I get there, everyone gets the same disclaimer:

“I can not swim! And I’m so serious. Please don’t think I’m trying to be cute. I will drown!”

By tmermaid.jpghat time, I’ve killed the whole party vibes. Well not anymore!! For literally the past ehhhh 5 years, I’ve made the New Year’s Resolution to learn how to swim. This year I finally committed to it and I am proud to say I have officially completed the entire 8 week Adult& Teen Swim Lesson at the YMCA! Not to mention, April is “Adult Learn To Swim” month. I can not explain how excited and proud I am of myself. You know how hard it is to explain to some that you can’t swim and you’re West Indian?! Chileeee, it even confused me.

One of the biggest motivating forces behind this decision would be my little cousin in Jamaica, Zaneta Alvaranga. She’s a BEAUTY & BEAST in the pool at only 10 years old ! Her determination and strength at such a young age is SO motivating and astonishing. It goes to show you that no matter where you are, or even how old you are, you have the ability to motivate someone else out there. With being said: THANK YOU ZANETA for being my INSPIRATION!

Check out some of her footage in Jamaica below:


My cousins. Zaneta alongside her dad/coach, Rory.




Who you lovin? Who you wanna be huggin?

blog3Let me start by saying I’m not a picky dater. Not a super picky one…in my opinion. I’m just saying, I’m dating for a lifetime of happiness. I’m not looking for a free meal (anymore…be real ladies, we’ve all gone out for a “free meal”)… I’m looking for husband material. I’m looking for someone who is IN IT TO WIN IT! I’m a passionate person, so I refuse to settle for anything that does not set my heart on fire (in a passionate way…not an angry way). Someone who brings out the best in me that I’ve yet to see and vice versa. I know I’ve been in love before…03 Bonnie & Clyde kind of love, and I can’t wait to feel that again with the man God has saved for me ( & please Lord…don’t let him be out here thottin’ in these streets lol…but NO LOL).But for now, I’m continuously working on myself and dating here or there. Some dates better than others (another story for another day), but ultimately it’s all a lesson of life. I’m just taking notes.