Mommy & Me

Hello. My name is Amanda. And I am a motherless daughter.

10 years and counting, I’ve been braving this journey of womanhood on a wing and a prayer. Lol…but I’m so serious.  Trust me, it’s a bumpy and scary ride growing into a womanhood without the guidance of the woman who birthed you (but that’s another post for another day). 

Every so often I like to dig through my mommy’s things and find anything I can relate to. In a sense, it’s my way of “girl talk” with her. I’ve done this ritual so many times, yet each time I feel like I find something new. I guess it’s all in the timing. What God chooses to have my eyes focus solely on is different every time. A few weeks ago, before my birthday, I felt the need to soul search through mommy’s things. I think this go round was my greatest find.

I found her passport.

My mother always talked about how much she loved to travel and how important it was to see the world while you could. She visited places from Hawaii, Canada, Jamaica, London, Paris….and the list goes on as I flipped by each stamp and into a second passport  book.  Only recently within the past year have I began exploring life outside of the 50 states. (And mind you I still have plenty of places in the states I want to see). And it’s true, once you get a taste of travel you can’t stop. Within a year I will have traveled “abroad” to Puerto Rico, Trinidad, and Domincan Republic.

Not too shabby for a newbie, huh?! 

Alongside her passport I found a postcard my mother sent home to my grandparents describing her travels in France. The best part about this was the date. The post card was sent when she was 28. The same exact age I decided to see what life was like outside of the states. It was the exact “girl talk” I needed before turning 29. To know we spent the same age traveling gives me insight to what she was like at my age now. The conversation that was robbed of me 10 years ago I am now having with simply a postcard. I still get teary eyed thinking about it and how awesome God is for bringing my focus to it.

As sacred as it felt to me, I couldn’t keep this to moment to myself. Check out her POV travel experience below.

Despite her luck being the “pitts” (and bruh she had the most going on LOL) she still found happiness in her travels (“but I’m still enjoying myself”). This was right on time. It reminded me her presence is always with me and no matter what the circumstances, God will always make sure I get my “mommy & me” moments! ♥



Brunch So Hard 


That beautiful time in between breakfast and lunch. 

Perfect for those “there’s no way I’ll be up and presentable before 10am” people and the “I’ll die if I don’t eat anything by 2pm” folk. I personally happen to be one of those very people. (Disclaimer: don’t hate me for what I said when I was hungry).

forkAlthough I love brunch, I usually steer clear of most breakfasty menu items. Simply because I believe I make a banging breakfast myself, and I refuse to pay for something that doesn’t come close to the perfection I whip up in my own kitchen. *toots own horn*.

Over the weekend I stepped out of my brunch comfort zone and tried one of the best breakfast meals…of my life. Do y’all hear me though? Of. My. Life!!

Check out the awesomeness below I encountered at Cousin John’s in Brooklyn

Really, the picture doesn’t do this meal justice. I was hangry and impatient so I just snapped a quick pic.

I ordered the Cousin John’s Breakfast. Eggs (scrambled hard…with add cheddar cheese), side of potatoes (with grilled onions and peppers), freshly baked bread (and courtesy freshly baked wheat bread alongside home made jam: not pictured)...with an added side of turkey bacon (no pork allowed on my fork)

Super affordable. Super delicious. Super quaint. I’d give this place and meal 5/5 stars!!