I bend so I don’t break

Remember how crazy 2016 was for y’all, but lit AF for me?! Well isn’t life like a box of chocolates? For the first couple of months of 2017, it felt like Mercury had completely chosen to set up shop in my life and LIVE in retrograde 🙃😩. The anxiety of turning 30…the overwhelming workload of my job…the financial burdens of my student loans…the strained friendships that developed…and everything else was beginning to take a toll on me EARLY in the new year. In my mind I’m thinking, “bruhhhh (God), noneeeee of these shenanigans were posted on my vision board. Let’s stick to the board please and thank you!”

I’m almost certain at that exact moment God laughed and was like “alright sis…ima chill. I been going mad OD on you lately. I GOT you!” (clearly my God wears Timbs and a Yankee fitted lol). Overwhelmed with life I decided to take some alone and unplugged time to pray and meditate with God. Not gonna lie. That adult ADD kicked in after about 20 minutes and I ended up on Facebook. I personally like to think I was being obedient and led there because low and behold I run across a Facebook event for a yoga session.

Flashback to like 2004, a visit home from college, my older sister takes me to my first Hot Yoga class in Chesapeake and I instantly fall in love. Even over 10 years ago, I never forgot the natural high it gave me. I had never felt so GOOD! But as a senior in high school I definitely couldn’t afford to maintain a yoga membership there. Le sigh. But what I could afford was a $10 mat and beginners DVD. Between then and now, I would stretch it out to maintain flexibility, but no real soulful purpose. Fast forward to 2017 and here I am on the verge of a breakdown as I approach 30, staring at my computer on Facebook reading about this yoga community called @BhavBrigade. Such a feeling of relief came over my body as I clicked “going” on their Moonlight Restorative: Yoga Under the Stars event.  Listen Linda. This yoga session changed my life! 🙌🏽The beautiful spirit and words of The Bhav Brigade founder Jessica Johnson allowed me to connect yoga and it’s movements to my life. She reminded me there is so much power and strength in letting go (and basically saying f*ck this shit). After her class I sat in my car and cried and thanked God for being faithful to me and for using Jessica to move in my life that night

Since that Spring class I have attended many of the donation-based, pop up sessions with the Bhav Brigade all across the 757 and I encourage anyone in the Hampton Roads area to also! Take a look at their website to see all the awesome events and projects they are working on, right in our (757) backyards. My yoga community is a constant reminder in my life that sometimes you need a moment to clear your mind and refuel yourself. You can’t pour into others from an empty glass.

So now every yoga class I attend I remind myself why I’m there: “bend now to make sure you don’t break later” 

Take a look at some of the recent pop up classes held by The Bhav Brigade of Hampton Roads! 



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